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GoDaddy now lets you pay for an auctioned domain with multiple credit cards




You must be familiar with GoDaddy which is the largest domain registrar in the world right now. Most of us would have purchased a domain or two from GoDaddy and should have had a pleasent experience doing so. However, the same does not apply for GoDaddy Auctions platform. GoDaddy Auctions is a marketplace where you buy and sell domains for a listed price by bidding or paying the buy now price.

Now, there is nothing wrong with GoDaddy Auctions as such. The problem lies in the payment method for GoDaddy Auctions. Weirdly, GoDaddy Auctions only allow you to pay for the domains you have won in auctions via a Wire Transfer. This means you have to transfer from your bank account to GoDaddy’s account which takes a lot of time.

Apart from that, you have no option to pay the amount. This issue was recently faced by OnlineDomain’s Konstantinos Zournas. He placed bid for a domain on GoDaddy and he won that domain. The amount for that domain was $8000 and he was unable to do a wire transfer of that amount.

Therefore, he requested Joe Styler, who works at GoDaddy, for favour. He requested that he needs to pay the amount with multiple credit cards. To this, Joe replied back saying that he will need to talk to the service representative at GoDaddy and ask him to arrange it.

Later, GoDaddy representative made the arrangements for him to pay the domain amount by credit cards. He also mentioned what amount they should charge from each credit card. The interesting part here is that GoDaddy makes you sign a “Split Payment Purchase Agreement” which says that you will not file a chargeback on your credit cards after payment is done. On signing this agreement, you can pay for your domain on GoDaddy with multiple credit cards.


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1 Comment

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