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E-commerce giant Amazon gets its own ‘.amazon’ domain name




We have known that Amazon has become the biggest e-commerce business around the world. The company which started as a retailer in the US can now be found in almost all parts of the world. We also know that it is one of the most trusted companies when it comes to buying and selling items.

However, one of the problems with Amazon is that it has to operate on .com and ccTLDs domains right now. The main domain name for Amazon in the US currently is After that, we have country level TLDs such as, and the likes.

But back in 2012, Amazon had applied for its own domain TLD to ICANN which is Internet’s domain address keeper. Amazon had applied for a ‘.amazon’ TLD but the case was pending ever since. The reason behind this was opposition from Brazil and other countries.

Brazil and other countries said that they were opposed to the idea of Amazon being granted a ‘.amazon’ domain. Because of “its inseparable semantic relation to the Amazon forest, that domain should not be, in any way, the monopoly of a company,”

Now, we are not sure how .amazon domain is related to the betterment of Amazon forest but Brazil opposed the idea for almost 8 years. Now, ICANN has decided to grant .amazon domain to Amazon.

ICANN also said that they purposely kept the application from Amazon on hold for several years so as to balance the concerns from all parties involved.

However, ICANN says that “ACTO and the Amazon corporation have been unable to come to a mutually acceptable solution or agree on an extension of time for continued discussions,”

“In light of this, the board is now moving forward with the next steps laid out… and is directing ICANN org to continue processing the .AMAZON applications toward delegation.”


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