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Due to COVID-19, people are reportedly spending more time on apps



Time spent on apps

It is known that the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic is becoming severe day-by-day and people are aware of it so they are not coming out of their houses. Also, governments around the world have locked their people down inside their homes so that even if someone is not following the lockdown rules, they can’t go outside in numbers. This obviously means that people have nothing to do and they need to spend their time on something. This obviously does not apply to people working from home but not everyone has that privilige.

For that reason, a new survey has been carried out regarding the impact of Coronavirus on people’s behaviour and the way in which they are spending their time. Now, it is revealed via the report that people are spending close to 20% more time on the different apps installed on their smartphones than they were doing before the lockdown period. This means that if you take an example of a 24-hour day and 6 hours of daily usage on apps, a 20% increase in usage equates to 144 minutes extra per day. This is a significant increase in usage and we can understand why that is the case.

However, this report is combined for Q1 2020 and not only during the lockdown period which took place in March. But we must mention that China was in lockdown since January this year so we can count that as well. As per the report, “usage of Android devices increased 20% year-over-year in Q1 2020, while consumer spending in both iOS and Android apps was also up 15% and 5% respectively, setting a new record for in-app spending for a single quarter at $23.4 billion worldwide”.

As far as country-wise usage is concerned, “Time spent in apps in Italy grew 30% in March from Q4 2019, while France, Germany, and the US have all had 15%, 10% and 10% growth respectively”.

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