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WordPress’s official AMP plugin now supports AMP Stories



AMP Stories

We reported that Google is testing AMP Stories as a separate section in Google Search Results. Although this section is not available everywhere, it will be available to all regions very soon. AMP Stories is currently limited to travel-related search results only but we will see it expand to other search results too.

Basically, AMP Stories is a feature similar to stories on WhatsApp, Instagram or Snapchat(originally). AMP Stories is where you see search results in an attractive manner which is relevant to your searches. However, the support for AMP Stories was non existent prior to now. But that will change as WordPress’s official AMP plugin now support AMP Stories.

This means that you can now create AMP Stories for your articles right from your WordPress Dashboard. This feature inside WordPress’s AMP plugin is built on top of WordPress 5.0. To get the best results, you should install this plugin on WordPress’s latest version. Also, the team recommends that you use Gutenberg editor to create AMP Stories.

With the AMP Stories support in WordPress AMP plugin, you can create your personalized stories with just drag-and-drop. However, you can still create your AMP Stories without this plugin as well.

WordPress’s AMP Stories

WordPress’s AMP Project team has offered its statement on adding support for AMP Stories inside this plugin:

“Building on top of WordPress, and specifically the new Gutenberg editor available in WordPress 5.0, allows the AMP Stories creation process to benefit from the rich media management architecture available in WordPress.

In Gutenberg everything is a block. This makes it easy to create rich post layouts, provide enhanced authoring tools (word count, color contrast, document outlines, etc.), and extend with custom blocks.”

It must be noted that AMP Stories feature is currently available only in Alpha testing version. So we don’t recommend you to install this plugin on your live website as it might contain some bugs.


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