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YouTube takes notes from TikTok and adopts a popular feature




YouTube is experimenting with iOS users. It is trying out the feature of replying to comments through video format. YouTube adopted the feature from the short video-sharing giant TikTok.

TikTok made the short video sharing huge among the youngsters. The added features make it more interactive. It helps creators to interact with the audience and create content alongside.

The creators use the feature for various purposes. Some use it for making more content. At the same time, some creators use it to call out mean and abusive comments.

If a creator is looking to expand their library of YouTube Shorts content, replying to comments can help maintain a regular publishing schedule. It would also help in keeping the audience engaged.

According to reports, although comment stickers mimic similar functionality on TikTok. Unfortunately, the new feature on YouTube falls short in a few significant ways.

YouTube’s comment sticker is available on an experimental basis. Also, it is available only to iOS users.

The comment sticker option does not have a trace-back feature that enables the user to find the author or any details about the author. This leaves the user with no context about who left the comment sticker on what video.

Although not a priority, YouTube hopes to add this functionality to its platform in the future. Unlike YouTube, TikTok has the feature where the comment sticker can be traced back to its source, author, and original comment.

TikTok’s feature is helpful to the viewers and the creators. The videos would have context. Viewers can watch more videos, and creators can reply and engage the audiences.

According to YouTube, the comment sticker feature is still under development. However, they said they would provide more information later as the feature develops.

According to analysts, YouTube should realize the importance of linking back the comment to the original author. Therefore, they should also make it a priority.

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