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YouTube Studio now lets creators view analytics side-by-side



YouTube Studio update

One thing that everyone who is making YouTube videos says is that YouTube Studio needs to be revamped. This is because although the platform does the job of getting the video uploaded and adding all the necessary stuff to the video, it does not provide minute details. For example, creators have said that they want more granular details of how their video is performing which is not possible in the Studio app. Having said that, YouTube has just updated its Studio to show more details.

From now, you will be able to compare your YouTube metrics side-by-side which will be available in the ‘Deep Dive’ section of the Studio website. Now, this will not be available by default on the Overview section but you can access it by going to the View More section for getting even more analytic details.

In the overview section, you will still get to see multiple metrics such as how your video is performing and how much views it is getting from last week. But you will now see metrics such as ‘views versus comments’ which shows you the numbers of views and the comments to those videos. This will give you a fair idea about how people are viewing your videos.

Is it such that the people are viewing and then commenting or just viewing the video and leaving it? Also, you will see a new metric named as ‘views versus revenue’ that will most probably answer the age-old question of how many views does it take to earn a dollar off AdSense. There is also a new option to see the top videos for your channel per month which tells you which set of videos performed better in that month compared to the other month.

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