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YouTube now allows creators to gift 10 free subscriptions every month



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We have seen that YouTube, and its creators, are betting big on adding subscriptions to the channels and we have seen that a lot of them are promoting their channel subscriptions in many different ways by offering perks that are exclusive for their subscribers. However, it also means that they are neglecting those who have just subscribed to their channel but are not paying for these subscriptions. This is also the reason why people are hesitant to pay for subscriptions because they are not seeing the benefits that they would like for supporting the creators. Now, YouTube’s addition of allowing creators to gift subscriptions to its channel members will helpfully make people understand the benefits of these subscriptions.

YouTube announced that “Starting today if you’re an eligible creator with channel memberships enabled on your channel, you now get memberships at the start of every month that you can gift to your viewers free of charge! This makes it easier for you to drive awareness of your channel membership perks and give your top fans 1 month of access to things like custom emojis, members-only content, & much more.” The company further wrote that “This can either be on the same stream or on streams throughout the month. Undistributed gift memberships don’t roll over to the following month and reset on the 1st of every month.” which means that if the creator has missed out on distributing the 10 subscriptions for that month then those will be lost.

Now, we can assume that with this the channels will be able to add subscriptions and while this will be the free for the first month, the members will have to pay from the next month onwards which they can opt out as well. However, if the creators can offer benefits to the members then they will pay for the following months or they will opt out. It is also reported that “The option is only available to channels that offer a membership tier below $5, so again, it’s really aimed at lower-end, starting out channels, as a means to spark more interest.” If implemented well, this could be an additional revenue stream for the creators.

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