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Google loses its case against Epic in a landmark result for the company



Google vs Epic

We know that Google has been going through a lot recently because of the fact that they had to give an answer to the release of ChatGPT by OpenAI as soon as possible and that they did with the help of Bard. After that, they have been constantly playing catchup because of the fact that they had to launch SGE in response to integration of ChatGPT inside Bing and a lot more. However, in between all these, there was also the case between Epic Games and Google which went to court. Also, it was recently announced that Google and Epic will not settle their case.

However, we can now inform you that the winner between these has come out to be Epic Games and it is Google who has lost the case. The court also ruled that Google used its Google Play Store as a “monopoly” in order to control Epic. As per a Bloomberg report, “In 2020, Epic sued Google and Apple after it got booted off their app stores for attempting to scoot around the up-to-30% fee they collect from every transaction that goes through them. In the three years since, Epic’s legal battle has raged on, culminating in a loss against Apple, but a significant victory against Google”.

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney said after the result “The dominoes are going to start falling here. The end of 30% is in sight,” which refers to the fact that Google and Apple take 30% of revenue from app developers, big or small, in order to host their apps on the platform. This is a major revenue cut for these companies and there is no way to avoid these fees if they want to promote their apps via these app stores. It is reported that “The revenue that Google and Apple generate from these fees is no small amount: It’s around $200 billion a year — income they claim is fair compensation for maintaining their app stores securely.” The reason why Google lost this case so swiftly against Epic is because of their “Project Hug” which targeted certain app developers “to keep their app developers in their orbit”.

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