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YouTube disregards the confirmation of short views in its monetization policy



short views

Short views add to the channel’s total watch, but they don’t add up the money ratio. The total watch decides the count toward eligibility. It is as per the YouTube Partner Program. The channels can monetize to earn revenue. It comes from video with the eligibility to join.

The YPP needs 4000 public watch hours. It depends on the last 12 months. The criteria on short views always appeared vague. But, the air is clear now that it doesn’t account for monetization. When asked if YouTube Shorts views count toward the 4,000 hours of total watch time, it was then confirmed that they do not.

YouTube does not provide any kind of “Shorts Fund: It described the producers to generate money solely from Shorts videos.

Shorts views only contribute to the channel’s total lifetime views. They are not part of YPP watch time, at least now. The Shorts fund talks of the first step toward commercialization. It is about accessibility. We’ll keep you posted on any future developments. The response leaves no room for interpretation. Short views outline the achievement of YPP standards.

It was during the inquiry. The creator focused on whether it is okay to convert previously uploaded. He was trying to convert VODs into Shorts.

YouTube calls repurposing a great deal. But, shorts talks about what is the required stand on their own. It describes the content without the context of the VOD.

It also talks about generating Shorts from previously published content. Also, it is an excellent method to recycle videos. And also facilitate experiments with Shorts. However, one must be aware of the many viewers watching. The line gets invisible within the Shorts to feed is a bit unfamiliar with the channel.

YouTube also suggests publishing content. It describes standing sure on how to publish. Try making it stand-alone and enjoyed by all people. Even with one who isn’t familiar with the channel or brand. Also, make sure the video is vertical.”

YouTube is also trying to “address” the concerns. It talks of the surrounding unique thumbnails for Shorts. The majority of viewers are unlikely to see the thumbnails. It is, therefore, necessary for the majority of short views. It origins from individuals swiping across the feed.

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