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YouTube adds Ad formats for TV Screens



YouTube is booming these days due to COVID-19. There has been an astronomical rise in content consumption and is to remain consistent until this pandemic is over and the consumers can move out from their houses.

YouTube too has been noticing the rise and shift in the behavior of its users and thus has come out with a way to tap into this opportunity by letting advertisers and marketers giving an option to show ads as per the YouTube streaming on TVs.

Earlier too, there was a huge number of users watching YouTube videos on their televisions. Now, YouTube’s TV-connected viewing has gone way beyond what was earlier.

As per YouTube, “We see different user behavior when people engage with YouTube on the TV screen–it’s often enjoyed with others, unlike the more individual experience on the mobile device. In a recent custom Nielsen study commissioned by Google, we found that 26 percent of the time, multiple 18+ viewers are watching YouTube together on the TV screen, compared to 22 percent on linear TV.”

Further, YouTube states that they’re continuing to evolve to help advertisers better reach their customers where they are. Last year, they launched YouTube Masthead on TV screens. This year YouTube plans to bring more format flexibility to the streaming by introducing the popular skippable ad format for content that is casted onto the TV screen.

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The influx in the YouTube viewership will certainly benefit advertisers amid this crisis. Not only that, but it will also help to understand the behavior of the consumers with this transition. Let us know your thoughts!

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