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Workload for SEOs has increased during COVID-19 reveals Google poll



SEO workload poll

While everyone around the world is working from home or staying at home due to the Coronavirus, we have seen that people around the world are either watching movies on the internet or doing some random stuff to kill their free time due to no travelling and other saved time. However, a new poll from Google has been revealed which studies the SEOs and their workload during the COVID-19. Now, it might be a surprise to some people but we are not surprised that the poll results show most SEOs have their workload increased after COVID-19 as compared to earlier.

One reason we are not surprised is that a lot of people are now taking up their passion for blogging seriously in their free time while those who were doing this in part-time are doing it full time meaning competition has increased and so has been the rise in spam.

Before we get to the survey results, here is what Google’s Gary Illyes had to say about his idea behind the poll:

“What we all do is observe what people are doing on Twitter, and what their problems are, and sometimes answering questions.

One thing that I noticed when this COVID-19 thing started is that some people started to post much less. Then other people started to post much more…

I wanted to figure out why or how is this happening. So I set up a survey.”

Also interesting is the way in which Gary Illyes asked people about their opinion on the question which was: “With this COVID crap, my SEO related workload…”. To this question which was a poll, 48.6% answered “Increased”, 30.9% selected “stayed about the same” while 20.5% answered “Decreased” who might have lost some clients or lost their jobs. On the poll results, Gary says that he was “quite surprised” and adds that “he can’t yet explain” why the workload increased.

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