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WordPress announces the release of Gutenberg 11.2




WordPress came up with the announcement about the release of Gutenberg 11.2. This one is an incremental update and not a major one. However, it does contain a slight improvement in its performance to the editor. Also, there are numerous bug fixes and feature additions which is making this version a very notable one.

Gutenberg is now the official WordPress editing tool. It is now working in its updated way, which enables creating websites with a visual drag and drop editing interface.

The goal of this update is to make website creation easier for all publishers. It also offers the advantage of code embedding directly to the WordPress core. Many publishers have reported that this can offer the faster creation of websites.

Gutenberg11.2 uses the design paradigm like a “block,” which is similar to building blocks. It offers blocks for paragraphs, columns, headings, quotes, and many more. One can customize each block as per publishing needs. Hence it is offering a further easier way to create an interface that makes a customizing effect for non-coding publishers.

WordPress says that with blocks, you can insert, rearrange and style your multimedia content with little technical knowledge. Without using the custom code, you can add up the block and focus better on your content. You can also build your own custom posts and pages without any expert knowledge.

To make it easier for each section of the site, from the search box to widget area, featuring the design of the blocks. Also, all the blocks you can use to build a web page are contained in the Block Library.

The search block contains a search box that allows site visitors to search for a website. WordPress has updated the Gutenberg search block to offer more options for designing customization. The search button has more color options now. The search box, on the other hand, has a border.

Gutenberg 11.2 also adds more color and border options to its pull quote box. It is a design feature that includes quotes in larger fonts. It has the design to offer prominence and importance to the text. This design feature is highly efficient for print media.

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