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Wix launches Editor X, website maker for designers and web agencies



Wix EditorX

You must have heard of a famous website platform named Wix. Wix is a platform which helps you easily create a website in minutes and you can easily customize the sites as well as manage them without expert knowledge. Earlier, it was believed that you needed some special knowledge in order to develop and manage a website.

Wix has made this job much easier and you can pay the subscription price to get the website. Also, you don’t have to pay those huge maintenance costs to your developers since Wix manages everything.

Now, the popular platform Wix has launched a new feature named EditorX which offers advanced capabilities for creating a website. EditorX is targeted towards designers and web agencies who have a keen eye on the look and feel of their website.

With this feature, you can get your website to look exactly how you want it to. First of all, EditorX now lets you stack and scale media so that the website looks uniform no matter what screen you are browsing it on.

There is also a flexible canvas which is basically a live preview for different screen sizes. With this, designers can look at how the website will look on different screen types and adjust accordingly. As always, Wix EditorX retains the drag and drop functionality to make it easier for you to create websites.

Wix’s CEO Avishai Abrahami says that:

“We understand the evolving needs of designers and their clients, and we innovate to address their sophisticated demands and diverse requirements,”

Wix’s EditorX is pitched towards designers and agencies who are looking to provide their clients with websites that look professional in design. However, this can be helpful for people who want to create professional-looking websites on their own as well. Wix’s EditorX will be available in beta currently and you can request beta access from here.

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