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WhatsApp to bring new business features & flags coming charges to manage a few business services



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After Facebook purchased WhatsApp in 2014, it was expected to follow its traditional monetization for the renowned messaging app. And by inserting ads into certain elements, it would generate income from WhatsApp users. But this approach didn’t work out with WhatsApp. Since it has massive active users worldwide, maximizing its business potential became somewhat problematic.

Thus, Facebook decided to take a new approach. And WhatsApp announced about focusing on bringing new business features. It aims to provide brands with new tools for handling their connections to maximize their business potential. And expand its in-app shopping options. But will eventually start charging some fees for more advanced functions.

As it claims, “We will expand ways for people to check our available products and make purchases right from a chat.” Talking about making these features easier for businesses to access, it further adds, “This will help many small businesses who have been most impacted in this time.”

The new business development of e-commerce tools in WhatsApp can provide an avenue for monetization in the future. Along with that, it also says, “we’re announcing a new way for business to store and manage their WhatsApp chats with customers using Facebook’s secure hosting infrastructure which will roll out early next year.” It will open ways to onboard to WhatsApp Business API. And allow them to respond to their customers faster via WhatsApp messages.

Apart from that, it aims to provide further options for managing WhatsApp exchanges. And that is too, including via remote workers from various management platforms. But selecting a third-party vendor can impact the platform’s end-to-end encryption. And the similar will happen even if the third-party vendor is Facebook. For that, WhatsApp will add new notifications for consumer-to-business exchanges conducted via Facebook.

However, it is difficult to decide what WhatsApp will begin charging and how much for now. But Facebook can be predicted to seek to monetize WhatsApp by charging fees for merchants.

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