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US could soon ban TikTok for all Americans after new bill is introduced




TikTok could soon be banned in the US for all the Americans and not just for the military personnel after all. Yes, there were talks earlier that TikTok could be banned by the US government for being used by the people working in government agencies. However, it is now more likely than ever that the TikTok ban could be nationwide which means that no one will be able to use it. This comes after a bill has been introduced in the US congress which states that the app poses a threat to the national security as well as the data is being handled in an incorrect manner.

Not only TikTok, the bill that will be introduced also says that the US government will have the power to ban any Chinese service, including TikTok. Regarded as a “broad bipartisan bill” and yes, the senators introducing the bill were asking if ByteDance’s TikTok is also included and they confirmed it. They added, “You have 100 million Americans on TikTok for 90 minutes every day,”. Adding to this, he said “They are taking data from Americans, not keeping it safe. But what worries me more with TikTok is that this can be a propaganda tool.”

Now, the aspect of Tiktok being a Chinese propaganda tool as well as the data of Americans not being safe has been raised earlier as well and this is the reason why TikTok moved its servers from China to now being in the US only so the data does not go out of the country. However, Chinese balloon incident has now prompted the US lawmakers to completely ban TikTok as the Americans’ data is at stake.

Former US President Donald Trump was in complete favour of banning TikTok from China because of the reasons mentioned above as well as it being a threat to the US players as well. It is worth noting that India has already banned TikTok nationwide because of the same reasons since last few years and there is no sign that the service could be restarted in the country. US could be the next in line to ban TikTok nationwide if things go as planned.

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