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Updates from Google Discover observe the feed guidelines



Google Discover

Updates to Google’s Discover Follow the feed instructions to highlight the significance of two elements. Google revised its Google Discover feed standards to highlight the components. For Chrome Android users, the Google Discover follow feed feature provides pertinent content. It serves as a significant source of traffic.

The Google Discover Follow function is a part of Discover. It is a strategy to draw traffic from sources other than Google News and Google Search. In order for Google’s Discover Follow feature to function, users must select if they want a notification. An optimized RSS or Atom feed is the only method to take part in Discover Follow.

Users may choose to follow a website or a particular category of a website if the feed is properly configured on a website. This also depends on how the publisher has set up their RSS/Atom feeds. Following users will see the new material in their Discover Follow feed. It, in turn, drives new waves of traffic to participate in properly optimized websites.

Only websites that adhere to the Discover Follow feature rules. They have appropriately optimized feeds that can receive traffic from the service. It stands to reason that if these two components are missing. Traffic can also decline if Google is unable to understand the feed and display it to users. Publishers of websites who use the Google Discover Follow function need to make sure that the title and link components are correct in their RSS or Atom feeds.

But it’s possible that many content providers don’t know how to optimize for Discover. It can get benefit from the massive amounts of traffic that come from doing so and from the Google Discover Follow function. A technique to guarantee that the website receives a consistent flow of relevant traffic outside of organic search is using the Follow Feed feature, a feature of Google Discover.

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