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Google testing new search layout with AI answers over organic results



Google AI Chatbot

We all know the buzz around ChatGPT and how it will be the next big thing in the SEO industry and the search industry in general.

Let’s be honest, even though we are related to the SEO industry, we also know that it is just so much more convenient for regular users to ask a question and get the relevant answer instead of visiting the top result and not finding the required information then going back to another result and so on.

This is the real reason why those who know about user experience have been worrying about the role of organic search results after the rise of ChatGPT and, eventually, the launch of Google’s AI-based chatbot in the market.

We have a report from Search Engine Land that tells us everything about what Google plans next for its Google Search Results. It is reported that Google is working on its own AI chatbot, Apprentice Bard (we believe the name will be changed eventually).

Google’s Apprentice Bard is much more advanced because it can answer questions based on current events, which ChatGPT isn’t capable of.

Regarding the new layout being tested by Google, it is said that the “I’m feeling lucky” button currently on Google’s homepage will be replaced by the AI chatbot’s name and logo.

If you go to the Google results after typing a keyword, you will see the answer from the chatbot on top, replacing the featured snippets seen at the moment.

Apart from that, the People Also Ask section will remain as it is, and it will have follow-up questions, and the answers will be from AI as well. Google is also organizing an event on February 8 related to its developments in the Search department, and the first look of its chatbot might be seen at this event.

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