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Twitter’s edit button makes it more approachable



edit button

The microblogging app Twitter is considering a new option of including an edit button. Twitter is one of the most popular social media apps. But users often complain that tweeting is stressful.

This is mostly because of no room for correction. There was no option to correct the tweets once made. Users also delete the tweet and retweet because of the absence of an edit button. The whole process is tiresome.

But Twitter gave good news today. The company thinks of introducing a button for the first thirty minutes of the tweet. The users can also add missing hashtags, correct typos, etc., without deleting the original tweet.

Users are happy. But the edit button raises other concerns, according to the company. Miscreants can easily misutilize the button. In the case of viral tweets, scammers can misuse the service by making changes to the original tweet. Undue changes in the tweet will lead to miscommunication and misinformation.

To solve the impending issue, the company plans to keep the version history. Edited tweets will also display the time of editing, similar to Facebook. The company plans to display the Version history as well.

The testing for the Edit button is ongoing. The Edit option will be available to users in segments. Users with a monthly subscription and Twitter blue subscribers will get access first. Even as the testing progresses, subscribers will be able to edit their tweets.

The company plans on following a similar pattern in different countries. However, the single country will avail the edit button first as part of the testing.

The edit button will also make it easy for Social media personalities and professionals. This will also help users maintain the momentum of a conversation without deleting tweets. Twitter thus becomes more approachable and less stressful for its users.

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