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Twitter’s ban on third-party clients prompts developers to take quick action




You must be aware that ever since Twitter was taken over by its new CEO Elon Musk, it has had a very rocky start, and a truckload of changes have been made to the platform and its services as well. One of the significant changes made to Twitter after Musk’s arrival was to add an $8 verified service which would let anyone get verified as long as they pay the money every month. While this has been replicated by Meta as well, we still believe that it is a step in the wrong direction and the value of that verification has been completely lost.

Anyways, we are here to tell you about another of Twitter’s sudden and absurd changes which was to ban third-party clients having Twitter API access, over night. Yes, Twitter banned popular third-party clients like Twitterific or Tweetbot or Flamingo as they revoked API access. Most of these apps were based on paid subscription which meant that they had to tell their customers about this situation as well. Since they couldn’t do anything and knew that the customers would ask for a refund, they had to quickly take action.

Now, they also know that the customers are entitled to a refund since their apps have completely stopped working. However, the developers rely on those hardcore fans of these apps who have been with them for years and have enjoyed the app even after paying. The developers of Tweetbot and Twitterific have added a button inside their app which asks them to decline the refund which tells the Apple App Store that they are satisfied and don’t want a refund.

However, they do still provide a button where they can get a refund and Apple will refund their money in the coming days. Basically, the developers of these apps are only asking customers who have used the app and had their money well spent to not ask for a refund. But we do feel that most of these customers will ask for a refund and only those who want to support the developer will not ask for a refund out of the sheer helplessness for the developer only if they know the developer very well.

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