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Twitter allows all type of ad campaign to use frequency capping



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Twitter is making frequency capping available for all ad campaigns across the world. To fulfill this, they are providing new control options for marketers.

This is really good news for the marketers. The ad campaign will surely get a boost after this announcement from Twitter.

Twitter explains, “Marketers know one key component of campaign success is effective audience reach. That’s why we are introducing frequency caps for ads on Twitter globally. Whether it is brand lift or offline sales impact, frequency caps allow advertisers to optimize campaigns to deliver efficient business outcomes through better control over impression delivery and audience reach over extended periods.”

Frequency capping allows you to set the limit of your ad visibility to a single user on a given time frame. According to Twitter, the ad campaign will get the direct benefit of this. They have given an example to explain the benefits. Let’s assume you are going for ‘upper-funnel brand metrics’. Now when the target consumers are in the interest or awareness stage, up to 80% of the overall impact on the ad recall and brand awareness occurs within the first two exposures.

But after that, you will move beyond the ‘upper-funnel brand metrics’ to look to target people in the decision and action stages. In this stage, you need to up your ad exposure to maximize response. It makes sense when you are looking to establish brand recognition. Pushing your ads too much could lead to fatigue, as your target consumers may feel like overloading.

Also, to overcome this challenge, you have to show a clear interest. Keeping your products in front of mind, you should maintain connections with the target audience. This will help you nudge their decision making if you are doing right. It is a good option to manage your Twitter ads.

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