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Tech-Giant Google explained alt text for buttons and logos



alt text

The alt text for buttons and logos has different execution compared to other types of pictures. Google has discussed the perfect way of doing it.

For button and logo alt text, there is no SEO value. The perfect alt text for buttons and logos may have long-run benefits for the website owners. It is also applicable to the users.

Images possess a functional need on web pages. There is no SEO reason to add the alt texts to the buttons. But the alt text for such images is there for accessibility purposes for the most part.

The best way of using the alt text on the images, such as logos, depends on some factors. It depends on if the image is a link or not a link. If the logo image serves as a link, you can label the image with the function it possesses. A logo functioning as a homepage link must have alt texts. It must tell the screen reader that the logo is a homepage page.

Also, there are other types of logo links where there is text and an image logo underneath or beside it. Both the text and images are inside the same link.

Sometimes the link may be there in the form of an icon having no text about its functionality. The alt text for a button image needs to describe the functionality of the image.

Also, it is best to serve functional webpages with screen readers for all users accessing them. The people making use of screen readers may be advocates or customers for your site or business.

There it is best for the bottom to make use of accessibility best practices.

Google is coming up with something new every day for its users. It is putting its best efforts into making the platform massive. At present, Google is one of the most preferred search engines out there.

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