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Apple is offering ad placements in the app store



ad placements

Apple is providing 2 new ad placements on the products pages and today’s tab. This particular move focuses on improved privacy measures.

A few days back, Apple hinted about placements in the app store to all the developers. And this is true as Apple has launched 2 advertising placements. However, these are the product page ad placements and the Today tab.

Now, the advertisers can display the app on the Apple app store’s front. The App Ads inventory has focused on the search campaigns. Over there, you can capture the demand by keyword match types and search volume.

The Today tab is one of the first places on which the users will land while visiting the app store. And a new user is always crucial when you try to make brand awareness.

The Today tab advertisement placements enable marketers to diversify ad budgets. It also helps to establish brand awareness.

To take advantage of the Today tab ads, the marketers need to set up a custom product page first. They need to do it in the App Store Connect. After the approval of the custom product page, it will move through secondary approval. Also, it makes sure that it can be used for advertising needs.

The advertisers can display their applications on separate product pages inside the app store. The product page ads setup is going to operate in the existing ad, such as search. Based on the assets present in the product of your app, the ads will go through a curation process.

Product page ads may run over every category. Or else you may refine them to include particular categories you wish.

The expansion of Apple’s ad placements has doubled the ad inventory options. This move will also help marketers to diversify their marketing techniques.

Apple is all set to come up with new technologies and changes. The experts and developers are also putting their best effort into coming up with something new. Apple’s extraordinary efforts will solve multiple problems in the future for sure.

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