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Subscriber counts hidden mode will soon be gone



subscriber counts

YouTube is going to disable the subscriber counts button. This is to stop impersonation on the platform. There has been an increasing case of impersonation on YouTube. This policy will stop the channels from hiding the number of subscribers. It will eliminate any chances of spamming.

When one hides subscriber counts, the spammers often succeed in impersonation and leaving negative comments. When this feature gets implemented, it will be impossible to impersonate.

YouTube is trying to tackle comment spam and identity issues. This area has reported increasing abuse, making it difficult for content creators. We can expect several updates from YouTube in this regard. It is also trying to protect viewers and creators from comment spam.

The update will highlight three key areas; hidden subscriber counts disabled, a limit on special character use, and effective auto-moderation capabilities.

Earlier, YouTube allowed channels to hide subscriber counts. It was to promote new creators. However, creators often felt judged due to their small number of subscribers. It was to protect the interest of the creators. But, it was negatively used by impersonators. There was also the case of bad actors luring the subscriber with negative comments. This update will be up on the platform at the end of July.

YouTube aims to make the community safer. It is trying to eliminate all kinds of abuse and negative comments.

There will also be an enhanced comment moderation. Creators on YouTube hold the ability to control comments. We will also see the update in the auto-moderation, and they can increase the strictness.

This will help them better manage inappropriate comments and spam. One can increase the strictness just by signing to the YouTube creator studio.

YouTube will put a limitation on the usage of special characters. This is because impersonators often make use of this facility to spam. This will abolish all the mediums for the spammers. YouTube is trying to help and protect creators by making the platform a safer place.

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