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SimilarWeb’s launch of their next generation digital marketing and research solutions for transforming the digital intelligence



Next generation

World’s leading digital intelligence company, SimilarWeb, announced its next generation of its Digital Marketing Intelligence and Research Intelligence Solutions. This initiative is for empowering the decision-makers for the better improvement of the digital strategy. It will undoubtedly help in the proper execution of the organization in every step.

SimilarWeb has introduced a better solution for marketers and researchers earlier in the previous year. Along with this new update, they are thinking of transforming the overall processing. They want to modify the process of the digital insight surfacing along with a use-case-first model.

Stephanie Cloud, the Director of Online Sales and Marketing partner at the MGM resorts, has said that “SimilarWeb has helped me close new partnerships and increase revenue for years. Recent innovations to the Digital Marketing Intelligence solution have empowered me with a more comprehensive understanding of the affiliate landscape to identify the most profitable partnership opportunities.”

The new Digital Marketing Intelligence and Research Intelligence Solutions are completely easy to use, save time and resources. Besides, it is going to help with scaling risk management and growing market opportunities.

Here are the benefits that are going to come with this new initiative:

Use case first modules for surfacing the enhanced discoverability of the features along with enabling of the fast onboarding and easy adoption of the SimilarWeb through an organization.

Proactive and actionable toolkits that integrate the workflow of the users to offer better value for the extraction.

Intuitive UI delivers instant insights on answering business questions with few clicks.

Benjamin Seror, the Chief Product Officer at SimilarWeb, said on the matter of winning the digital world, that this involves quick and deliberate decision making based on the insights. But this insight does not fit the one-size-fitting structure. He further said that the lack of proper information at the right time leads to missing opportunities for digital decision-makers. That’s why they have designed this next generation of business solutions with the use-case-first construction. It will help in empowering their diverse user base with effective digital intelligence.

Further, on this matter, Nicoleta Lordache, the Head of Digital Intelligence and Analytics of Cheil, said that “using the next generation of the Research Intelligence solution, I discovered new capabilities that have revolutionized the way I analyze markets based on the topics people are searching for across the web. This is a tool my team and I can’t do without.”

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