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Google says Core Web Vitals will become ranking signals for search engine very soon



Google says core web vitals will become ranking signals for search engine very soon

Google confirms that core Web Vitals will becoming ranking signals in May 2021 in the next update. This will combine Core Web Vitals and previous UX-related signals. Google has confirmed this news in the Google Webmasters Twitter account.

The ‘page experience’ signal combines core Web Vitals with some other signals. These signals are Mobile-friendliness, Safe-browsing, HTTPS-security, and Intrusive interstitial guidelines.

Google introduced Core Web Vitals earlier. They have mentioned that this Vitals will measure the speed, responsiveness, and visual stability of a page. Let’s have a look at the core web vitals.

Largent Contentful Paint is the time of loading of the main content of the page. According to Google, the ideal LGP of a page is 2.5 sec or less.

First Input Delay refers to the time taken by a page to become interactive. An ideal measurement of the first input delay is 100ms.

Cumulative Layout Shift is the amount of sudden layout shift of visual page content. As per Google, less than 0.1 is the ideal measurement.

According to Google’s statement, these are the main factors determining the user’s experience during the interaction with a web page. Core Web Vitals change from year to year as user expectations of web pages change.

Google is currently working on visual indicators to identify potential pages having all of the page experience criteria. However, Google may add labels in search results that will help to provide a good page experience.

The working team of Google has confirmed that they are going to test the label soon. Once it passes the test, they will announce the date of launch.

A study published in August has mentioned that most of the pages would not qualify for this level. Less than 15% of sites are well-optimized to complete a Core Web Vitals assessment. Once these will become ranking signals, pages must have to pass this assessment.

Site owners have to work hard to prepare their pages to be eligible for the page experience signal.

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