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LinkedIn is working on improving its search infrastructure. The move will allow the firm to deliver better search results for posts in better time. LinkedIn explains the new and old systems to give users an idea.

Search results for posts worked upon two factors – main feed and articles. This was complex and difficult. In the new system, LinkedIn has also simplified the whole structure.

The new system looks into relevance, quality, and personalization. However, the new system for search results needs to look into the user’s intent and engagement. Freshness is an important factor. LinkedIn also wants to include diversity in search results.

Machine Learning powers the new system. It has more relevance and personality than the old system. The diversity quota has increased to allow more viral content. The ranking system also allows users to get search results by ranking. Navigation helps users navigate the posts well.

LinkedIn’s hard work on the new system was worthwhile. However, the system delivered an increase in user satisfaction. Positive feedback increased by 20%. Better diversity and results have helped the company a lot. The running time of search results also decreased.

LinkedIn’s success with the new system has given them the confidence they need. Increased user satisfaction was a major factor. The company has said that it will work harder to improve the search. Users should make a note of possible improvements in the later stages.

LinkedIn plans to use natural language as a medium. Natural language helps one to process and understand. It will also enable the firm to get a deeper meaning of a search query. This improves the effectiveness of a query.

The company plans to include more and more fresh results. This is necessary to keep users engaged. This is important for better networking as well. This will reduce the time of the feedback loop. The firm plans to also include more multimedia content.

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