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Rank Math combines IndexNow for WordPress sites



Rank Math

Any change to a website can take weeks to appear on search engine results. WordPress sites can speed up this process with the integration of Rank Math. WordPress plugin Rank Math supports IndexNow for faster website indexing.

SEO experts and owners of websites spend a lot of time and money to create content. This is only to wait for weeks to see the changes on Bing, Google, Yandex, and other search engines. The combination of IndexNow into Rank Math for WordPress serves faster changes.

These changes get informed to search engines. These changes are new content, deleted content, and redirects. Hence, this leads to faster indexing, traffic, and conversions. More than a million WordPress sites can use Rank Math to notify search engines about changes.

A Website is the virtual entry point of a business. But it takes time for search engines to discover any changes. eCommerce sites make changes daily to make users stay updated with product descriptions. It brings changes in the content as well.

Sometimes search engines need manual notification. Thus, it may take weeks for crawlers to update indexing. Even though website owners continue to make changes, crawling and indexing create a negative impact on traffic. This is because customers do not see the most recent version of the page in search results.

There are many ways to notify search engines. But the ways are time-consuming, especially for a website that makes thousands of changes. WordPress users now have an easy and convenient way to notify search engines of any changes.

Rank Math is easy to configure SEO plugin for WordPress. This is also to put in place various SEO features for a website. This has a user interface that features previews of rich snippets. It also includes how posts look on social media.

It uses AI to generate SEO suggestions. Many websites owners provide Google Analytics integration.

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