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Now it’s easy to correct YouTube videos even after releasing



YouTube videos

YouTube is introducing the latest feature. In the feature, you can edit your YouTube Videos even after posting when you need to make any corrections. Before, YouTubers had to remove it, make corrections and upload it again. It was the only way to make a correction on any published video. However, this old way brought more issues than it fixed.

This is because of the fact that YouTubers could not find engagement metrics and watch time in the procedure. Rather, the creators of YouTube choose to deal with their blunders. They generally commit to this by putting in a note in the comment section or the description. Nonetheless, that’s only helpful if the viewer of YouTube opens the comment section or description page.

Now, with the new feature, you can fix or modify existing content in such a way that’s instantly noticeable while people are watching the video. The latest correction feature of YouTube is the combination of new and old. However, it still needs YouTube creators to fix errors and give clarification on the description page of the video.

What’s the latest with this launch of the feature is the aptitude for noticing modifications during the YouTube videos themselves. With this new feature, creators can warn viewers when a specific time in a video includes a blunder. Also, when there is a need to put them on the description page, the creators will warn the viewers. Finally, when a creator makes a correction in a video, people will notice a card coming on screen at the moment of error.

The information card teaser will give a sign of the existence of a modification. It will appear once throughout the content at the modification timestamp. If viewers tap on the card, it will broaden the description page where they can see written clarification or correction. This is not an ideal solution. However, it will at least make it extra apparent to people when a YouTuber accepts their mistakes and gives factual details.

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