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LinkedIn informs RN, and Salespeople as the most demanded job




LinkedIn shares a report discussing the most in-demand jobs in 2022. There are major changes in the dynamic of the job profile. LinkedIn utilized the data from the site to discuss the fastest-growing jobs.

The companies are reopening doors to work from offices. As a result, the highest demand for professional services is rising.

Hospitality was one sector that had the worst years. American Hotel and Lodging Association states that “State of the Hotel Industry 2021: lost over 670,000 jobs. And the loss of a job in 2022 topped 4 million.

The industry is rebounding, and the requirement for a workforce is growing as well. LinkedIn records the surge in HouseKeeper, over 320% growth. We also see a food specialist demand rise by 260% growth.

The demand for Python developers plummeted by 230%. And, tax consultant roles rose to 240%. Today, many industries are also facing the immediate need for a workforce. The jobs require the highest demand in terms of prior COVID.

As per LinkedIn, the fourth quarter jobs with the most demand were software engineers, JavaScript developers and Salespeople, RNs, and Java Software engineers. The only job which entered the fourth quarter was the driver. It was also the ninth most in-demand job.

At the same time, there was also a high quitting rate. The number of workers changing their work priorities was 4.51 million last year. It was from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The changes were due to the factors of accommodation, retail, and food service. There was a high turnover. It requires under ordinary circumstances.

The labor shortage increases the bargaining power of workers. As a result, there are priorities when choosing the employer. The employee expects flexible work arrangements and also offers workspace. Work-life balance is one of the prominent factors candidates tend to look at.

The labor crunch forced the companies to offer streamlined application and interview processes. As a result, companies are increasing compensation bidding to retain and attract top talent. 44% of the companies decide to increase by over 3% payscale.

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