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Brave can now redirect all AMP links




Brave Browser will now be able to get rid of AMP. It will enhance the browsing experience. Brave comes up with a new feature called De-AMP.

This feature will enable the default in version 1.38 of Brave’s Desktop. It is currently available for Android Browser. It plans to bring the feature to iOS soon as well.

Brave believes that Users can do pretty well without AMP. However, the team notifies the issue of privacy, leading to a worse experience. In the announcement, Brave states, “AMP harms users’ privacy, security and internet experience, and just as bad, AMP helps Google further monopolize and control the direction of the Web.”

De-AMP will help the user to protect their data. It will halt the execution of Accelerated Mobile Pages HTML. It will also send visitors to the publisher page.

Brave clearly states the harmful effect of Accelerated Mobile Pages. With its De-AMP feature, it is trying to revolutionize the entire browsing experience.

The new feature will neutralize the Accelerated Mobile Pages in two ways. First, it will rewrite the links and URLs. This will also prevent or can, say, cut the user’s need to visit AMP pages.

Brave will also redirect users away from Accelerated Mobile Pages. It will be before the page is even rendered. It will prevent the code from executing.

The De-AMP target offending URLs. It will be as per the modification of fetched pages. It frequently links to Accelerated Mobile Pages. For example, Google search results.

The kind of pages will deliver the modification within the browser. It will also have Accelerated Mobile Pages links re-written from the publishers.

Brave will also detail the HTML markup when the page is loading. The load with the publisher version of the URL. The Accelerated Mobile Pages markup will get automatically detected.

The future update will enhance Brave’s debouncing feature. It will detect the URLs. It will be by navigating the publisher version. By removing Accelerated Mobile Pages, Brave will offer more privacy and security. It will also eliminate monopolization and increase usability.

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