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John Mueller disagrees website ranking with CDN




John Mueller answered queries related to CDN in the recent Google Hangout session. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. CDN is responsible for offering a worldwide network offering the server speed. In addition, it is responsible for the delivery of web pages. It also offers services by locating the site visitor person with access to the web page.

It is on the hops. The closest server, the fewer lops the web page takes. CDN improves the accessibility to the web page.

The real question concerning the CDN was whether or not it offers ranking benefits. Is hosting a website on a server in a specific country beneficial? The user visiting the website from that specific country is high. What does that depict? Can we offer better page speed by considering CDN?

To which Mueller answered, “The only effect where I could imagine that something might happen is what users end up seeing.

And, kind of what you mentioned, if the majority of your users are already seeing a very fast website because your server is located there, then you’re kind of doing the right thing…”

Mueller straightforwardly explained that CDN has zero or no SEO effect. He also explains that users at a different location with the slow result is a part of the concern. However, it can also be the connection to the origin country low.

The effect of Crawling in Google is an issue concerning SEO. In case Google crawling is slow, it points out the limitation of how much to crawl. It is also a poor index on the website. Mueller advises double-checking how fast Google is crawling via Search Console.

He also discusses the inability of the slow web server. It discusses the shared server environment. The server not being able to respond to requested web pages might be an issue. In this case, the shared served is guilty. CDN at no place provides ranking to the website.

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