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Instagram will allow users to draft stories to save them for later



draft stories

Instagram Users are soon going to be able to create stories and save those as drafts for publishing later. The company came up with the announcement regarding draft stories confirmation. Instagram has offered options for saving the regular posts as drafts. However, the stories need to get created during the time of publishing.

In case a user starts crafting the Instagram story and wants to put more thoughts into it before publishing, then there are no ways to save the work to finish it later. There are various cases where the ability to save the story drafts is going to be a welcoming edition for Instagram.

The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, says that this feature is one of the highly requested ones. The main Twitter account of Instagram also came up with the confirmation of this update sooner.

Few specifics are now available for this time. However, it is not too early to think about the ways for this feature. According to the data of Instagram, there are 500 million accounts that are using stories every day.

Of those accounts using Instagram stories, one-third of the most-watched continents comes from various businesses. One in the five stories comes with a direct message from the viewers, which is making this feature very effective. Also, it is going to be very effective for businesses to stay visible with better engagement.

According to Instagram, over 50% of all business accounts on the site that creates stories in a given month. Instagram stories are better regarded with the influences. According to a report on Influencer marketing from MediaKix, Instagram stories are surely the second most effective type of content. The regular posts are still in the first place.

It is worth having a look at the story drafts from closer to thinking about the ways for the feature in which it can be used as a tool. The ability to schedule stories is going to give the businesses more flexibility to craft Instagram stories in advance. This is great for coming up with bigger announcements. Businesses can also create the content when they have time to save it for later.

Saving Instagram draft stories is also very useful for maintaining the workflow of a team that manages a single account. For implementing the second thoughts, the draft feature is simply very impressive and innovative.

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