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IBM CEO says AI could wipe out ‘many’ jobs in the next five years




We have all been seeing the growth of ChatGPT and the development of OpenAI as we have already seen the launch of GPT-4 and it is worth noting that the Google I/O 2023 is just around the corner as well where we will definitely see a lot of AI developments from Google with its BARD AI and other things that they will have in store. Due to this reason, the people who are currently working in tech have been worrying a lot about job security and whether or not their jobs will be in danger in the next few years or so.

Well, most of the people have been downplaying the role of AI in the tech industry till now. But we now have a statement from IBM CEO that will surely have everyone worried all over the world. IBM CEO says that he sees AI taking over “many” jobs in the tech industry in near future. Talking to reporters, IBM CEO Arvind Krishna said “I do believe, and I’ve said this before, that A.I. is going to replace many clerical white collar jobs and that’s the kind which I expect A.I. will replace over the next five years,”

Talking during a deal between IBM and SAP, SAP’s CEO Christian Klein said, “AI can take over a lot of these [business] activities. So it’s about cost avoidance,” “And then the second part is as long as you have a growing business and you are transforming your business, you need different skills. So this also allows you to re-skill your workforce, not to just cut your workforce, which is, I guess, also equally important.”

While giving relief for those who are already worried by reading this article, IBM CEO added that “It’s not as simple as jobs go away. The number of jobs though, perhaps in customer care, in coding, in business process, in developing artificial intelligence is going to increase so much that the net increase is going to be positive while there’s a movement from one area to the other and that by the way has been the nature of technology for 250 years. It takes away from some areas, but gives better in others.”

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