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How to select the best hosting provider for your website



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If you have ever set up a website, you would know that the biggest pain points in this process is selecting the best hosting provider for your site. Now, there are tons of hosting providers available in the market and it is a tedious task to select one out of them. However, there are a few key areas which you need to take care of when you are selecting a hosting service from any provider. Do note that we are not going to recommend any hosting provider to you in this tutorial. However, we will tell you about the things you need to take care of when selecting any hosting provider.

Steps to take care of when selecting a hosting service:

  1. Do not, and we repeat, never ever host your website on a free hosting service if you want to make money out of that website or if it is for business. (These free hosting services have a lot of spam websites already hosted on them so they add to the server and speed is generally poor. However, if you are hosting a website for a college project then you can use them as speed is not a concern in those cases.)
  2. Talking about speed, you should make sure that speed is your priority when selecting any hosting service. For this, we recommend to go with Cloud services as they are fast but they are costly too. So if you are on a budget, go with any SSD hosting provider.
  3. You should also see if the service provider is providing site backups. If not, you should not select them as site backups are necessary in case the hosting goes down.
  4. If you are on a budget, check if the hosting provider is giving you a free domain along with the hosting package so that your domain registration cost will be saved.

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