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Google’s October updates have finally been rolled out



Google Core Update

You must be aware that Google has been on a update-release-roll lately with the release of two Core updates in as many months as well as a helpful content update and even a spam update. Now, we also saw the company announce that it will release the October Spam update and then the October Core update one after the another and this sent shockwaves in the entire SEO industry because the effect of September HCU update was already devastating for most of the sites and another update would mean disaster. But we can say that apart from clear spam sites, the October updates were mostly damage control and many sites that got in September HCU saw a bump in traffic as well.

With that said, it is also worth mentioning that Google has said that the October Spam Update as well as the October Core Updates have been rolled out fully. This means that the SEOs can breathe a sigh of relief until the next update is announced from the search giant. Google said that “The rollout was complete as of October 19, 2023.” on a post related to October Core Update. After that, the same was revealed for Core Update as well which completed on October 20, 2023. It is mentioned that “Core updates target the primary ranking systems in Google’s search engine algorithms. They aim to promote authoritative, trustworthy, and helpful content while downgrading low-quality sites”. As far as Spam Updates are concerned, they target the low-quality, AI-driven yet regurgitated content that is floating on the internet and reducing the quality of Search results.

It is worth noting that the common trend noticed in these updates was that the updates increased the visibility of sites like Quora, Reddit, and other UGC forums that were considered low-quality prior to this update. Now that we know these are not low-quality sites, we should not be focusing on out ranking them as most of these sites outranked the already ranking blogs which means that Google flipped a switch somewhere and the game has changed for the SEOs. It is now worth seeing how the SEOs evolve and get traffic from Google.

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