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Ahrefs decides to not renew 15% of legacy accounts for data scraping




We have seen that there are companies out there that do whatever they like even though they have a huge userbase and it is as if they don’t care about their existing users and just want to make the most of what they have. We are currently looking towards you, X. Anyways, we know that Elon Musk will do whatever he likes and we can’t do anything about it other than leaving the platform. There is one company in the SEO domain, however, that is also doing something that is unprecedented. The company we are talking about is Ahrefs which is a direct competitor to SEMRush and both are huge companies in the industry.

While Semrush is doing well with its public IPO and everything, Ahrefs is doing exactly opposite of that. The company has made several changes to the platform such as pricing increase, introduction of totally new pricing structure and a lot more that is not liked by its existing users and many have left them as well. Now, a new announcement has been made by Ahrefs where it says that they will not renew 15% of legacy accounts that they say are involved in data scraping.

Now, we know that this is a problem to an extent for the company as we know that there are accounts being used to scrape data as well as shared accounts are used as well. However, 15% is a big number and we know that not all of them might be scraping data so they might lose genuine customers from this as well. But the company is not banning them, they are just not renewing their “legacy” accounts which still has their old pricing structure. This means that if these accounts want to continue doing what they did, they will be on the latest pricing and we are sure that they will stop it because of the extremely high costs. Obviously, people are not liking this change but Ahrefs clearly says that if people see value in their product then they can stay or else they “can go somewhere else” once their subscription ends.

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