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Slack drops Twitter/X integration from its platform due to API changes



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As per Slack, “X’s API changes affected the functionality of the integration, which led to the decision to retire it. “Slack’s integration with X relies on access to its API, and changes to that API this spring impacted the integration’s functionality and the services it supports,” Rod Garcia, Slack’s VP of software engineering, said in a statement to The Verge. “The Twitter app for Slack has not been functional since X implemented these changes, so we have removed the app from the small set of customer workspaces that still have it installed. For more information, please see our update on Slack’s feature retirements page.” Slack, on its page, says that “The Twitter app for Slack is no longer available due to upstream API limitations.” X posts will “continue to unfurl” if your Slack settings allow that. The page says that the Twitter app has had a “retired” designation as of October 19th.

The retirement of Slack’s X integration is just one of many useful things relying on X / Twitter data that has gone away because of the changes instituted under Elon Musk’s ownership which could be a planned one as well as Musk does not want to pay high server costs and wants to offload as many services as possible from the platform. However, the thing is that Twitter became Twitter due to all these integrations and now they are dropping them thinking of the costs but not about the upsides that came with it. The Verge asked Twitter/X for its comment and got an awesome reply, “Busy now, please check back later.”

Similar to Twitter/X, Reddit did the same with third-party apps as well by changing API pricing and making it too high in order to ban third-party apps so that it can promote its own app for usage and this caused a lot of uproar from the Reddit audience but we can now see that nothing happened and most of its audience returned back to the platform while we are sure that some of them may have left the platform due to its changes. This integration was basically to notify you in Slack about new posts on X.

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