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Google’s confirmation on not indexing passages separately




The latest confirmation on Google’s way of indexing the passages of a page and what it means to SEO by Google itself on Twitter is the new talk of the town.

The tweet says, “this change doesn’t mean we’re indexing individual passages independently of pages. We’re still indexing pages and considering info about entire pages for ranking. But now we can also consider passages from pages as an additional ranking factor…”

The array of tweets by Google has talked about their attempt to identify individual passages of a webpage “to better understand how relevant the page is to a search”. According to them, it is going to create a global change by improving 7% of the queries.

For the page is very long or has multiple topics the content evaluation is diluting sometimes. Their new technology is on improving the identification and understanding of the key passages. On a page through content surfacing the passages might not be seen as the relevant ones on the whole webpage.

They have also stated, ” There’s nothing special creators need to do here. Continue to focus on great content, with all the advice we offer

It just means in some cases; we may now do a better job of surfacing content, no work required on the part of creators.”

The confusion was aroused lately as the change was confusing to some regarding – “now [we are] able to not just index webpages, but individual passages from those pages.”

Later they confirmed that the indexing hasn’t changed; just Google’s way of indexing a relevant passage couldn’t show better ranking.

However, the good news for the content creators and SEO is that this technology is good for enhanced servings to the readers. You don’t have to have wholesome brainstorming to limit your content to be optimized around a keyword.

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