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Google updates its recipe structured data



recipe structured data

Google updated recipe structured data. Publishers ask for implementation. It requires updating the recipe structured data to the latest needs. Older ways of structured data are not valid now.

Recipe structured data stands for information communicated to search engines. It will enhance a better understanding of content. It also helps in displaying content in attractive ways. These call attention to the recipes called Recipe Enhancements.

Recipe Enhancements Guides Recipes or Recipe Host Carousels. Valid structured data is important. It also prevents the loss of search engine traffic to other sites. Recent updates in Google changed three recipe structured data.

Using minimum and maximum as child elements to specify a time range is no longer supported by Google. Now, Google supports the exact time for both cook time and prepTime. The range of time is not supported.

The change list for the update supported method is the exact time. The change list depicts a change in only two properties. Though, a change in a third property can be seen. The changelog also states the removal of guidance over a specified time range. This is for cook and prepTime properties in the Recipe documentation. However, the total time property also shows a change.

The new total-time recipe omits the use of min and max as child elements to specify a time range. Even though Google omits noting the change in the third property. It is wise to take note of changes in the total Time property. This would also help move forward without a time range for the total-time property.

Google does not recommend this property any longer. Most sites over the world web depend on plugins for structured data. Using a Recipe structured data also uses a time range. It is useful to update the current plugin. Recent versions make sure the data is up to date.

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