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Google staffers mocked executives for saying ‘AI’ too many times at I/O 2023



Google IO 2023

You must have seen our report regarding the Google I/O 2023 which took place last week at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California which is where the Google headquarters are situated. It is worth noting that the Google I/O this year was going to be massive because of the widespread use of AI after the release of ChatGPT and the introduction of GPT-4 in Bing as well. We already knew that Google was bringing its Bard chatbot to Google Search but how exactly would that be integrated was not known. At the Google I/O, the company showed exactly how the Search is changing with what it calls the “Search Generative Experience” where you will get answers to your questions in a conversational style.

Now, we know that Google staffers are seen having fun internally on how their company is performing and this was done during the Google I/O as well. We have reports which reveal that the Google staffers praised their engineers on how they handled the I/O presentations and everything very well. However, these staffers also poked fun at their own executives for saying “AI” during their presentation far too many times. It was seen that a huge cheer was heard during the presentation when one Google engineer introduced dark mode inside the Bard chatbot, as this is a feature requested the most by people working late at night.

On Google’s internal meme site named MemeGen, a meme read “Things I learned from I/O” with the following text: “Google can still impress me.” It continued, “Great job to those who worked so hard” and added, “As someone who expected to make snarky memes the whole time, it was nice to be wowed.” Also, the staffers poked too much fun at the fact that Google’s executives including their CEO Sundar Pichai referencing AI too many times in his presentation. Not only internally but on Twitter as well, everyone had a laugh at the Google CEO for speaking AI more than 100 times during the 2-hour keynote at Google I/O 2023. People even took a drink when Pichai said “AI” and got drunk.

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