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Google SERPs and their evolving paradigm



Google SERPs

There are reportedly major changes to Google SERPs, i.e., the Search Engine Results Page. The conclusion comes from the review of some 150000 search queries. Analysts say that this can open new opportunities for eCommerce websites.

Analysts research the search results of those 150000 apparel-related keywords. The research shows that Google SERPs show 95% of the time. This can be a big opportunity for online merchants. Especially merchants operating majorly through Google can see this as a big opportunity.

One more revelation that these searches make is that the ranking today is beyond the typical SEO methods. Analysts point out different SERP features like Products Carousel 120,772. People Also Ask 57,925, etc. Some other features are FAQs 17,119, Local 8,563, Images 2,451, and Free Product Listings 877″.

This research is by AI-driven SEO and content optimization platform seoClarity. All the queries are mostly apparel related there. The most surprising revelation is that the organic search results essentially disappear beneath different search features.

One more thing that analysts discovered that 95% of the keywords result in a SERP feature on the first page of the search results. Of these SERP features, 85% are popular product search features.

The search shows popular product search feature 85% of the time. seoClarity also says that popular products mostly occur in mobile searches. Although it appears in searches by other devices, too, it is most apparent in mobile search results.

Google search is ever-evolving. But the idea of ten blue links as representative of SERP still exists. The fact is also clear from the practice of exclamation of outrage.

Images also play an important role in Google SERPs. When users search for the cast of a TV show, the images of the cast appear. Similarly, in the case of an Amazon product search, the images of the product also appear. Hence in the case of shopping-related searches, pictures are a given.

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