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Google changes requirements for image structured data



image structured data

Google makes a good number of changes in its image-structured data uploading. The requirements are different now. Now it’s easy to add credit and other processes related to copyright information.

Google adds three new image-structured data types that users can use with the ImageObject type. This will add support for credit, copyright, and image creator information. All this will happen through structured data.

Google did not work this way previously. The previous method was through IPTC photo metadata. IPTC stands for International Press Telecommunications Council. This is a standard body for news media.

This method also helps in adding credit and licensing information to photos. But now image structured data sharing has become very easy.

The official developer page now gives information about the additional support through image structured data type. The documents there give all the information in brief.

The new structured data properties are creditText, creator and copyrightNotice. The creditText will credit people or organizations with published creative work. At the same time, the creator gives the author property for CreativeWork.

In the case of copyrightNotice, it helps give the owner the copyright for their work. Google is being very helpful to its users and creators. This time, Google also uploads an example to show the new changes in the data uploading.

Google now makes adding creator and copyright data very easy and convenient. The plugins make it easy to add this on a scaled basis.

Hence now, users will find it easy to upload their work. The recent developments not only make the tasks easy but are technologically convenient. Moreover, they support a lot of add-ons.

Credit adding and creator adding is a very job for users now. Google completely updates its image structured data process. Even the requirements for the same have also changed.

Google makes it easier for users to reach google by adding support through the data. Now users can enjoy these new updates in content creation.

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