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Google Search Generative Experience will still use your content if you block Google-extended



Google Search Generative Experience

We have seen that there has been a lot of chat ever since Google released their first version of the Google Search Generative Experience to the world and have now made it live in beta for the world as well. It is worth noting that SEOs are worried that Google will use the content they are producing and summarize them for its SGE. Now, there are a few reasons why content creators are not happy with this. First of all, this is scraping of the web which Google has already been doing to index content on SERPs but this is taking it to the next level and showing it as its own without proper attribution and credit.

Even if Google does give credits for the content, it is not what the creators would want because their time producing the content is wasted since no one is going to visit their website which is where they can earn money for their efforts. This is also the reason why a lot of content creators have said that they don’t want their content to be picked up by Google’s SGE. Now, we have a new idea in the SEO world which is to block the bot that scrapes the content for SGE and it is believed to be called Google-extended.

However, there is a new report regarding the same which reveals that even if you block Google-extended, your content will still be shown by Google’s SGE. The only way to block Google’s SGE from scraping your content is to block Google entirely by blocking the Googlebot which is contradictory because you do want your website to rank on Google but not inside SGE. This means that most will not be able to block Googlebot and Google does seem to have left no options for the website owners here.

A Google spokesperson said, “SGE is a Search experiment so website administrators should continue to use the Googlebot user agent through robots.txt and the NOINDEX meta tag to manage their content in search results, including experiments like Search Generative Experience,” and added that Google-Extended does not work for SGE.

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