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Google might be testing ads between search results: Report



Google Ads

It is known that Google has always been a search engine that has placed 10 results next to each other but we have also seen that the company evolved its business and has been placing ads on top of these search results for a long time now and it is also seen that the ads business is one of the highest earning revenue models for the company so far. However, we have never seen Google place ads in between search results even for a test until now. Well, that might have just changed as Google started showing ads in between search results for at least one person who has also posted a video of the same.


While this might not be huge news yet because only two people that we are aware of have been able to see these ads in between search results so it might not be a widespread test and just an isolated one from a random Googler but it does mean that they are thinking about it. It does make sense from an advertiser point of view that people who search for organic results will click on those ads in between search results but it could be misleading too because Google has even run ads that say they will always have ads on top of organic results so as to differentiate between organic and paid results.

Google’s Ad Liaison Ginny Marvin acknowledged the tweet and said “We’re regularly experimenting and don’t have anything more to share at this point.” This clearly tells us that the test was not an isolated one but it was also not a major one so Google is just testing waters on how it could look like. It will also have to gauge the public reaction on this because of the nature of these ads which can be deceiving the users to click onto them thinking that they are organic results due to the nature of ads that have always been there on Google. Also, advertisers will not be able to get the best returns on investment if they place their ads in between search results instead of on top but it could have a lower bidding as well.

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