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Google makes changes to its Page Experience Ranking Signal norms



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Google is now removing safe browsing from its criteria sites. Now it needs to meet to offer the benefit from the page experience ranking factor. As a result of this change, Google is now updating its Search Console’s page experience report. It is now adding a more simplified design which is removing the redundant data.

This safe browsing and the ad experience widgets have a drop from the report. Google is providing the rationale behind its decision. At the same time, several fixes have also taken place to improve the way of handling missing data.

Google is now removing its safe browsing widget from its page experience report. It is no longer a ranking signal. This report is also used to help the SEOs to understand how the sites fare against these signals, which build up the page experience ranking factor. With the safe browsing data in the report, the report is now not necessarily having its use in the rankings.

Google Search Console now will continue to report on the safer browsing flags outside the page experience report. Google is now removing the ad experience widget from the Search Console. It will also help to avoid the surfacing of the same information in various reports. A version of the ad experience report will be available in Search Console. It will also identify the ad experiences which are violating the Better Ads Standards.

The ad experience report is also not a factor for the ranking signals. Google is now updating the page experience report with various bug fixing and improvements. It includes the adding of a “No Recent Data” banner to the CWVs report and in the Page Experience.

The fixed bug has caused the “Failing HTTPS” while the data of CWVs is missing. It has rephrased the empty state text in the report and in the CWVs report. As a reminder, this algorithm update of Google has started rolling out on June 15, 2021. The Rollout will complete by August 31, 2021.

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