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Google launches its new structured data for the job listing



job listing

Google is now introducing its new structure data markup property for the job listing. It is allowing the prospects to apply directly on the website of the employer. Google is now mandating a completely new editorial policy for the content. It is an effort to make the users understand the content in a job listing. It applies easily, either directly or in another way.

This new directApply property is allowing the employers to indicate if there is an option for the employees to apply for a job or not. Google is saying that this markup is highly suitable for their job listing. It meets certain of the user actions which are necessary for the job application. The user also must get the offer of a short and very straightforward process for application.

Employers are offering a “direct application experience”. Appliers have to meet some of the conditions for it. The users will complete the application process on the site. After arriving at the page from Google, the user does not have to click on the application and enter the user information more than once. After that, the process will complete for the application.

In case the job listing requires the applicants to upload a resume and again has to type the same information, then the markup is not eligible.  Site owners can easily start using this markup. There may not be an immediate effect of it in the search results. Google needs to work on integrating this information within the index.

The new editorial content policy of Google is including the guidance for the obstructive text and the images. Also, it includes distractive and excessive advertisements or content that does not add any value to the posting of a job.

Google asks the job listing to follow the basic rules of grammar with proper capitalization. Based on the findings and research, Google is also offering some tips to employers to improve the trust among job seekers. It will potentially attract more applicants.

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