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Twitter Data reveals the priorities of the consumers for the 2021 summer



Twitter Data

Twitter reports that its consumers are feeling positive about heading towards the summer of 2021. The Twitter data from the study on the volumes of tweets reveals the priority for them for the season.

Compared to the summer conversation of the last year, Twitter is now seeing11% positivity in the sentiment. After a prolonged lockdown, Twitter thinks that brighter days are coming forth. Twitter is expressing its excitement about the summer of 2021 with more positivity. People are making up plans again.

Knowing the consumer plan this summer can help the marketers to engage with the topics of interest. This Twitter data will look at the growth around the topic of the movies. It will also help the marketers to join it with the relevant messages.

Positivity is now trending up. Negativity is again trending down, as the analysis of the consumer’s sentiment says. People are now planning to enjoy more of their summer. They are planning to engage in various activities such as travel, movies, etc.

Users are now talking about the various activities more than in the last few years. The trending subtopics within the summer conversation make it clear. Movies increased by 243%, sports were up with 79%, while BBQ, Fashion and beauty, cocktails, and travel were also up.

People on Twitter want to have more focus on themselves for this summer. They want to indulge in activities like shopping, going out, etc. Twitter has asked its users what they want from the brands this summer. The survey result is showing that 70% of the users want the brands to be positive enough while being mindful of the cultural environment.

Apart from being positive, users also expect the brands to share informative and useful content.  People are not ready and finally can have fun this summer. The businesses and the brands may consider adjusting their tone in social media to get along with the customers.

The recommendation is to keep the messaging light and mindful enough as per the current situation and as per the restrictions.

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