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Google is changing its eligibility for the fact-checking Rich Results



Rich Results

Google is now updating its ClaimReview Structured Data. It is about restricting how many fact checks take place on a page. This is about to be a major change that can make thousands of pages ineligible for the Rich Results.

The ClaimReview structured data has been added to the web pages. It is saying that fact check emails are made on another website or maybe in a video. The use of it intends to conduct fact-checking reviews for the claims which have been made.

With the use of the ClaimReview structured data, one can make the webs page eligible to show it as the rich results. Also, it will typically be a review for a page.

Google previously enabled its publishers to have the multiple of fact-checking on a single page. It demands that the web pages could contain various kinds of fact checks on a different number of topics.

Mandating a single ClaiReview for the topics per page can make a significant change. It will affect all of the web pages which contain multiple fact checks. At the same time, it can affect the associated structured data on a single page.

There is also one exception to this rule in which Google allows a web page to opt for hosting multiple fact checks for the same topic. This rule includes the Old version of Google’s Guideline. It will remain unchanged.

The Rich Results allows a web page to get a better listing in the search results of Google. At the same time, it helps to gain a potential advantage over the competitors to receive more traffic.

The new guidance of google is saying that a page must include a single ClaimReview structured data element. The exception is applicable for the multiple reviewers who are trying to fact-check the same topic. This means that the pages can also become ineligible for rich results.

Publishers who are using the ClaimReview structure data may find it prudent enough to review their structure data to make sure it is going with the guidelines.

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