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Google introduces free Deals listings in its search results



deals listings

Google is now rolling out new ways for the eCommerce stores’ deals listings in the search results. It is currently free for all the merchants. The company reports that people are looking for ways to save money with searches regarding “discount code.”

Google is now giving the retailers of the USA more tools to reach out to their deals – seeking customers.  Google is highlighting its deals in the shopping tab for the search results. While searching for the products, the shopping tab will now opt to organize and show the product listings. It will show results based on the competitive period or the discounted one from the retailers.

From October, Google Search will start with showcasing the most popular deals. It will boast major retail sales like Cyber Monday, Black Friday, etc.  As people search for the deals during the major sales events, they will now see a section dedicated to them. The action will highlight the relevant deals with the other related information on sales.

As the retailers upload the promotions and the deals on Google Merchant Center, they will automatically get visibility. Google will surface them for the relevant queries in the Shopping tab area.  Google will opt for surfacing the offers related to various factors like discounts, product popularity, and site popularity, etc.

In the upcoming months, the deals will also appear on the page of the main search results. Retains can avail the benefit of the features regardless of their payment for the advertising.

This deals listings feature is creating opportunities for the eCommerce stores. They can move their inventory and drive better sales while attracting more customers during the seasons.  Another update that Google launched is, the Merchant Center is allowing the retailers to customize their promotions. It is now completely possible to indicate if a deal is only applicable for first-time customers.

Google will show the proportions to all the shoppers. However, only those will be able to shop who are meeting the criteria of the retailer.  Google is also rolling out the Historical best seller’s data and the relative product demand. Merchants can access the best seller report as they opt into market insights within the Merchant Center.

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