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Google has removed its Sitemap documentation



Sitemap documentation

The official developer pages are coming with updates to show that Google Sites are no longer creating sitemaps. The Google Sites are facing the removal of sitemap documentation on how to create Sitemaps within the Google sites.

Google came up with the update of their documentation on March 1, 2021. It is reflecting that Google Sites are now not auto-generating the site maps. It is quite unclear how long it has been since Google removed the sitemap creation function.

Sitemaps work as a way to offer Google an XML file that helps it to discover web pages. Sitemaps are useful for large and complex sites. The use of sitemaps is very useful for sites that generate archives for articles. Especially for news sites, it is very useful.

A news site that constantly shows up with new content might not come with the menu strategy for internal linking with older articles. A sitemap, in such cases, offers a proper solution while giving the search engines a good way to crawl and discover the archive contents.

The sitemaps are also necessary for the five hundred pages long web pages where the contents are usually interlinked and easy to discover. As Google says, you do not need a sitemap if your site is small with less than 500 pages.

The developer page of google’s sitemap contains a question regarding Google Sites. got removed, which includes the detailed instructions on sitemap documentation.

Google usually comes with ” + Google sites,” which includes the instructions on adding a sitemap. The new update shows that the current Google developer page for sitemaps is missing the instructions for generating the Google sitemaps.

It is unclear for how long it is missing. But it is making much clear that Google Sites does not anymore have a native sitemap generation tool. Now it is more to see what is going to come with the new update.

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